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Purpose of Foundation

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Thank you for visiting the Daegu National Museum.

The Daegu National Museum was established on December 7, 1994. It was built as a cultural facility to preserve, research, exhibit, and educate visitors on the cultural heritage of Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do.

On October 19, 2006, the storage area was built on the south side of the museum building. The Haesol Hall, which is the social education and special exhibition room, was extended on the northern side of the building.

After a while The Ancient Culture Hall, The Medieval Culture Hall, and The Textiles and Clothing Hall were opened on July 19, 2010. Then reorganization of the Permanent Exhibition Hall was done to showcase the characteristics of the local national museum and to stabilize the exhibition environment.

The Ancient Culture Hall and The Medieval Culture Hall both showcase the Old Stone Age up to the Joseon Dynasty. In The Ancient Culture Hall, you can observe the Old Stone culture, this will take you back to how the Old Stone culture looked when humans first put foot on this land. You can also have the opportunity to compare the cultures of the Silla and Gaya Dynasties in one spot. Here you can observe the characteristics of these cultures where a lot of evidence and information from Silla dynasty's Buddhism is shown. Cultural morals from the Joseon Dynasty, which are based on Confucianism, can also be seen.

The Textiles and Clothing Hall, which replaced the Folk Room, was newly opened to show that Daegu has grown into a modern city due to its textiles and clothing industry. The history of clothing, which accounts for a big part of our lives, will replace the exhibit of Folk Room based on domestic and foreign research.

Outside of the museum are dome houses from the Bronze Age, earthenware kilns from the Three Kingdoms Period, and stone pagodas that were made during the Unified Silla Period; all of which you can look at while strolling through the area. You can enjoy various interesting annual exhibitions in the Planned Exhibition Hall and Special Exhibition Hall. Also, the Daegu National Museum has arranged various facilities at The Haesol Hall to enlighten your education on the museum. Different education programs that are suitable for children and adults are also provided.