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Instructions for Visitors

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Please make sure to follow
the guidelines!

Offering valuable artifacts with our ancestor's life and spirit for display and appreciation.

Visitor Tips

  • Cell phones must be turned off or switched to silent mode before you enter the exhibition galleries.
  • Food, beverages, and pets are prohibited. Certified Service Animals will be permitted to assist visitors with disabilities.
  • Please do not run or make excessive noise in the galleries.
  • Photography without a flash is permitted in the museum, but photographs can only be used for private purposes.
  • Tripods are not permitted in any part of the museum.
  • Do not touch artifacts or behave in any way that might damage the items on display.
  • Anyone who damages any items or property of the museum will have to compensate for the full cost of the damage.

From March 1, 2020, YouTube will no longer support Internet Explorer.
If you want to watch the YouTube video, please download a suitable web browser
(Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Opera).