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Five-story Stone Pagoda of Jeongdosa Temple Site

Artifact title Five-story Stone Pagoda of Jeongdosa Temple Site

Findspot : unknown | Age : Goryeo Period(1031) | Specifications : H.463㎝ |
Designation information : Treasure No. 357 | Artifact number : Bongwan12807

This stone pagoda from the early Goryeo period was originally erected at the site of Jeongdosa Temple in Bokseong-ri, Yakmok-myeon, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It was relocated to Gyeongbokgung Palace in 1924, and again to its current location in 1994.<br/>The overall style reflects that of earlier pagodas from the Silla period. It originally had five tiers, but the roof stone of the fifth tier has not survived. The sides of the base are inscribed with three lotuses, with plum flowers below them. According to the inscription on the upper part of the base, the pagoda was erected in 1031 (22nd year of King Hyeongjong’s reign) to wish for the peace and prosperity of the kingdom. The stone containing the inscriptions has been removed and separately preserved. The front of the stone that forms the first tier is carved with an image of a door with a lock.<br/>A written page and a sarira reliquary were found inside the pagoda. The written page records the name of the pagoda and states that it was built from 1019 to 1031 by local officials and residents of Yakmok-gun, which was part of Gyeongsan-bu, Sangju-gye.
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